Finding Your Sweet Spot Quiz 12 Simple Questions Bringing Profound Insight

Trust your “first instincts”, and remember there is no right or wrong! As soon as you finish and hit the “Score My Quiz” button – you get immediate results that will point the way to a whole new level of clarity, hope and direction.

If you want to “hit YOUR mark”… the one God has planned for you…
You have to know what target to aim for!

I wake up on Monday mornings energized and ready for the day.

I am passionate about my work and/or my role in life.

I feel a sense of power and confidence my life and my choices.

I am able to live consistent with my core values and beliefs.

I live my life consistent with those core values and beliefs

I am clear about the unique gifts, talents and experiences that make me who I am.

I am clear on the things that I am passionate about in my life.

I am able to maintain a healthy balance between the people, activities and obligations that are important to me.

I am certain of my God-given purpose.

My life and my circumstances allow me to be free from fear, frustration and fatigue.

I am focused and determined when it comes to achieving my dreams and reaching my goals.

My life and my work allow me the freedom to do what I love and have fun doing it.

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  • Sandy

    Reply Reply February 1, 2015

    I would love nothing more then for someone to help me find my god given purpose of my life!!! Show me and help me to understand the path I should be on in my life!!!!

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 22, 2015

      Hi Sandy…our book is a great place to start…but if that is not right for you…I am available to do a FREE 30 minute consult to see what pointers and direction I can provide for you. Just email me at Blessings.

  • I thank God for Identity and Destiny. The infomation you sent me is helping me and my leaders. I am interested in the book but I am in Liberia, West Africa and I don’t have the credit card to pay for the book on line. Please help me.
    Rev. Ballah

  • Carolyn

    Reply Reply March 26, 2015

    Just starting this process with a coach. Anxious to see what the Lord has for me!

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 22, 2015

      Excited for you Carolyn…praying for a powerful life-altering journey with the Lord!!!

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