God Says, “Thank You For Listening!”

My Alabama son-in-law, Jonah, drives a chevy crew-cab pickup. He loves to hunt, fish and camp – so what else would he drive? But it’s not just good for all that ‘guy stuff’…he has a house full of girls…and when they come to pick me up from the airport – I love being able to…

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God Says,  “This is Not a Game – But It’s Gonna Be Fun!”

“What a crafty enemy we have!  Can you see it?  The enemy knows that if he can cause us to hide ourselves – who God made us to be – that it also causes us to lose sight of our identity in God as his image-bearers. Then, because our view of ourselves has been diminished,…

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God says, “Blessed Indeed!”

Baby-boomers and gen-Xer’s, – many now part of the “sandwich generation”: …a generation of middle-aged individuals who are pressured to support both aging parents and growing children. The trends of increasing lifespans and having children at an older age have contributed to the sandwich generation phenomenon. Thus it is for Tom and I. We have…

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God Says…”A man after my own heart!”

I remember the day my little girl was born…August 14 will be 30 years. Where has the time gone? Distant memories held in the crevices of my memory…while others seems fresh and new…as if just yesterday. I remember gazing into the crystal blue eyes of this spunky little girl and wondering what the future would…

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God says, “I Love It When You Get Real”

Everywhere I turn I see disturbing statistics on the drastic decline of church membership among young people. I hear story after story of good Christian kids falling away from the church – questioning their faith and the God they were taught to believe in. Just this past Friday, I was talking with a new client…

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God Says, “Will You Let Me?”

Everything that has happened in your life can be used by God…if you let him? For some of you, that may be a hard pill to swallow. There are things that have happened beyond your control – and beyond your comprehension. Things that have sent you reeling. Things that you’ve done and now regret. Things…

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God Says, “ A Seat with Your Name On It”


A gorgeous Sunday afternoon – sun shining…a bit of a breeze…and a break in the summer-like humidity already moving into Florida.Perched on the edge of my folding chair, ready to watch my 12 year old granddaughter play flag football.   Football??? Yep – football! Boys and girls side by side – with the best man…

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God Says, Just 10 Very Special Women

CWOI E-Mail Header

Dear Christian Women of Influence, God has called me to create a new program designed just for you!  And I am launching it right now…right here…in Tampa Bay Florida.   You have vision, passion and a sense of destiny, and you’re not about to stop there! You are inspired to take the platform you have built…

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God Says, Breathe!


Have you ever noticed that waiting can be harder than knowing? If the waiting is long…you might be able to put it out of  your “everyday” thoughts…but then as “it” draws closer..anxiousness raises it’s ugly head again! Busyness is my “go to” move. But that never works for long. Wherever I go…there “it” is!?! Then…there…

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God says, “Please Help!”

Joe martin - Real Men Connect logo

One thing I know about YOU…and those who follow Identity and Destiny…You are amazing prayer warriors who know and believe in the power of prayer! In my greatest hour of need you have come to my rescue.  From the moment I began sharing my daughter Amanda’s journey through the valley of breast cancer, you jumped…

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