God says, “Rest Assured!”


There is faith in the waiting. Just the other morning, God brought that phrase to mind as I was praying.   Hmmm???   Faith built? Faith required? Faith challenged? Faith turned into assurance?   Which was it? What exactly was He trying to say to me?   And how about you…what do you think that…

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God Says, “A Gift for You.”

New Year Picture

  Here is our special gift for you! But first, we want to take a moment and say thank you for following us here at Identity and Destiny.   We hope that you have been encouraged and enriched throughout this past year as you have received our emails and followed us on our blog or…

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God says, “I Love You!”.

coffee and mittens

  There are times when God will lay a thought on my heart and it leads me to spend extra time journaling, meditating and searching His word for new insight and greater understanding. I recently had such an encounter. And somehow I feel more strongly than I have in a very long time that the…

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God says, “No Greater Love”.

box of chocolates

Phone calls are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get!?!   On Oct 15, 2014…I got “the call”. You know… the kind you pray you’ll never get, the kind that changes everything – forever. “Mom, I just left the doctor. They want to do more tests.” Please God –…

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Gods Says, “Do you feel the Love?”

Pixie Cut

For those who follow our blog…you know I have written often this past year about my daughter and her journey through what my sweet friend Diana calls the “valley of the shadow of cancer”… And yes (having learned much about what it means to walk by faith – not by sight)…choosing daily to stand on…

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God says, “I Choose You”


In a dream…while on vacation. Clear – unmistakable. God answers. I know that voice. I have heard it before. Not often…but when God really wants my attention – that’s’ how he gets it. Undivided.  Undistracted. Full-on. Maybe it is in the quiet of the night that I actually slow down long enough to stop all…

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God says, “Little by Little = Big”

Blonde _ field yellow flowers

Yesterday – as I sat in church listening to our guest speaker, marriage counselor Dr. David Clarke – I reminisced back to when I was first saved.  June 13, 2001. I had no idea who the Holy Spirit was…or how this thing called “sanctification” was supposed to work. In fact, I was still having a…

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God Says, “Trust Me”


I was so excited for our vacation. A much needed week – just Tom and I – with 2 friends who love Jesus…golf…and the beauty of the sun rising over Lake Michigan. It was lovely!!! Yet…the slower pace brought something I did not expect. Time. Time to simply be with my thoughts…to let the sadness…

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God Says, “Let Me Stir your Heart”

Dream big, inspirational typographic quote poster, vector illustration

“I am struggling…TOO MUCH Fear – Frustration – Fatigue.” “I’m desperate…NO Clarity – Focus – Direction.” “I just want to be…HAPPY!” We hear these words over and over again…from people all over the world. They come to our site…visit our FB page…send emails and private messages. They pour out their hearts…searching for answers. Somewhere along the way –…

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God Says, ” This One Thing!”


“The Paradox of Potential”- A strange title for an article on the sports page? It mentions a 21 year old baseball phenomenon called “the triple machine”…but the real story is about a university system that is churning out students “bereft of true direction and soul”. Former Yale professor, William Deresiewicz, is quoted saying: “A former…

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