God Says, “Let Me Stir your Heart”

Dream big, inspirational typographic quote poster, vector illustration

“I am struggling…TOO MUCH Fear – Frustration – Fatigue.” “I’m desperate…NO Clarity – Focus – Direction.” “I just want to be…HAPPY!” We hear these words over and over again…from people all over the world. They come to our site…visit our FB page…send emails and private messages. They pour out their hearts…searching for answers. Somewhere along the way –…

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God Says, ” This One Thing!”


“The Paradox of Potential”- A strange title for an article on the sports page? It mentions a 21 year old baseball phenomenon called “the triple machine”…but the real story is about a university system that is churning out students “bereft of true direction and soul”. Former Yale professor, William Deresiewicz, is quoted saying: “A former…

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God says, “What Have You Done?”


Over the past year or so, our daughter Amanda and her husband have been wrestling with the idea of homeschooling their two girls – now 2 and 4. When breast cancer entered their world last Oct – that question was put on an abrupt HOLD. Yet – in the midst of the craziness of treatment…

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God says, “Be On About the Father’s Business!”

Meg, Amanda, Nick

I’ve been a “working girl” all my life. I worked hard in school…but I certainly wasn’t one of those who barely cracked a book and still get straight A’s. I never really could figure out how people did that? I had to work to get good grades! I’ve always worked hard professionally too. Opportunity and doors…

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God Says, “The Risk is Worth The Reward!”

Chalkboard drawing - Measure of Risk and Reward

When the Lord calls you…your passion for that work or ministry burns with great intensity…it can become all-consuming! Then…life happens…and the life you had planned…the life you actually believe God has planned for you…has to be put on HOLD. Such was the case last October when Amanda was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer…

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God says, “May I borrow that?”

Fresh fish and bread

Some sermons touch us for a moment. Others linger in our hearts…wanting to teach us more as we ponder the fullness of the message.   I’ve recently heard one such sermon. It’s stayed in my thoughts for months.   It spoke of Jesus being a “borrower”.   Never quite thought of it that way? But…

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God says, “Hope and Health – There’s a Connection”


As most of you know, I am walking the road of a Mom whose 28-year-old daughter is fighting and – with the miraculous help of God – beating breast cancer! Seems impossible…but here we are. Prayer…and those who pray alongside us… is our most powerful weapon. Faith is a must. And trusting God in ALL…

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God says, “Can You Handle It?”

Pastel Blue colored Easter Eggs and jelly beans with Cherry Blos

Written Monday evening 4.6.15: Sitting in Church of the Highlands on Palm Sunday –  my daughter and her husband by my side – seemed a much needed  place of peace and rest. The Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable. We praised and worshiped. Let the tears flow. Felt our hearts being comforted.   The journey of…

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God says, “I speak in lots of different ways”

cross light

At times, the last 5 months have seemed like an eternity as we have walked through the valley of the shadow of cancer with my daughter. Early on the doctors said…don’t look too far ahead. Just focus on the next thing. Otherwise it will look too overwhelming. With the 6 chemo treatments and surgery behind…

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God says, ” I have a Word for You”

Driving on an empty asphalt road  forward to 2015

Beginning on New Year’s Day, I decided that I would again read through the Bible in a year.  (Well actually, I have done it only once before and it took me over 3 years as I journaled my way through it chapter by chapter.) But this time, I decided to take a new approach by…

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