New Year’s Resolution: God’s Purpose – My Plan

I have decided that this year’s resolutions will not be my typical “to do…or not to do” list. This year I’m going to focus on…

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2011 – The Year Your Dreams Can Come True!

As 2010 comes to a close, do you find yourself thinking about new year’s resolutions? Are you determined that next year is going to be better than the last when it comes to _________________? How would you fill in that blank? What is it you want to do…have…or change…that just hasn’t seemed to happen for…

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What’s New?!?

We are busy taking the 7 Steps to Purpose Program and creating both a workbook/DVD version of the program as well as an on-line self guided study. It has been quite a task to take what we do in our one-on-one coaching and translate it ALL into written form…but we are well on our way!

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Purpose Glorifies God Here on Earth

When it comes to glorifying God here on earth…he shows us exactly how it’s done. It is done by completing the work he has for us to do.

It’s not about living our own agendas and it’s not about our own success or power.

It’s not about staying safe and it’s not about hunkering down in our own little comfort zones.

And, it’s not about hanging back and waiting until God shows up with your own personal lightening bolt or a burning bush.

It’s about FINDING, KNOWING and LIVING your God-given PURPOSE!

Do you want to glorify God here on earth?

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Have You Become Fearful vs. Faithful?

So…Is God worthy of our faith? Can He be trusted? Are His promises really for me?

I say absolutely YES!

Not that it is easy…not that it comes without tears and questions…but experience has taught me… (Go to our blog and read more!)

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It’s ALL About You!

I’ve  spent a lot of my Christian life trying to learn this one simple truth – It is NOT about me!!!  But,  it has recently occurred to me -in the arena of finding our God-given purpose – this is a very personal matter.  The call on our lives is NO DOUBT from God.  But the choice to follow is up to each of…

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One Day at a Time!

What we see is a world filled with people who are fighting everyday to keep life ‘in balance”… to do everything on the ‘To-Do’ List…and try to stay sane in the process.

How about you?

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Job Seekers Simple but Powerful Tool

If you are unemployed or looking to change jobs this simple tool can point you in the right direction.  Looking to be self-employed?  Don’t make a move until you have done this analysis.

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I’m OK – You’re OK

“My life has no meaning”…”I have no idea what my purpose is supposed to be”..”I look at others who are doing great and have no idea how to get to that place in my life” …”I am lost”…”I am unhappy”…”I am depressed”…”I have no direction”…”I wish I had done things differently”…”If only, If only, If only”…

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Passion versus Purpose-avoid a big mistake!!!

What happens when you make a passion a job, career or a business?  Find out before you make a big mistake!

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