Have you ever felt your search for fulfillment was going nowhere? Like no matter what you've done - it's never clear? Like there is something inside just waiting to be set free? Like you are going to come to the end of your life with dreams still inside your soul?

You chase, strive, dream, and pursue - yet nothing really changes.

You’re not alone.

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Chasing "More" is Not Enough!

As entrepreneurs, authors, and success coaches we have been life-long "destiny chasers". But now...as we look back, we realize we've spent most of our lives chasing after things that only left us wanting more. We've learned that knowing there is more...just keeps you working harder and running faster. It never delivers those illusive feelings we seek: "I've made it! This is it. This is what I've been waiting for."

And it is not that those pursuits are all bad. Much good comes from them. But along the way, we've met many talented, hard working, well-meaning people who have done the very same thing and they find themselves

  • worn out...
  • frustrated...
  • burned out...
  • confused...

Maybe you do too?

But it’s not just the strivers.

In the past 5 years, we have seen it become increasingly difficult for anyone to find the time and energy to  chase after their destiny.  With so much to do and so little time, how can you go from your day to day responsibilities to someone who is a world changer?   There is

Without a path to follow - without a way  to actually find your  "God Given Sweet Spot" (that's Biblically grounded - tested -  and proven) you don't have a chance.   Just the desire - to have something better...do something more...make something new happen in your life - is not enough.

This is True - Now More Than Ever!

There are 3 REASONS why:

  • 1

    Life has become too cluttered and crazy-busy.

    Lots of people want something very different but their jam-packed calendars have them so distracted - they cannot even begin to focus on a search for greater purpose and meaning.

  • 2

    There is no clear path to follow.

    There are many people out there writing, speaking - even preaching - on this topic of life purpose - yet few of them tell you how to go about actually finding it. The path is unclear and it's hard to know what to do or where to start!

  • 3

    "Maybe you - but not me!"

    This kind of thinking is far more common than you might realize. More and more people are held back by fear and condemnation. They say God is good and has good things planned, but still have a really difficult time believing He will do those good things for them.

It feels overwhelming - right?

All these people - all this noise - all the uncertainty.  And you...left wondering how to find the God Given Sweet Spot where all your unrealized dreams and potential can be released.

Jule Colvin

“…you are going to want to devour this book – not simply read it”

Jule Colvin

You Need a Sure Path to Answers

There are lots of books and programs out there. And most do only 1 of  2 things:

  • They simply write about the subject of purpose. They even make sure you know all the Biblical doctrine that says, "you are fearfully and wonderfully made". A unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And when you hear that, you are inspired, encouraged, and know God has a purpose for your life. But that's where it ends. You are left saying..."Yes! But how do I discover what God has for ME???"
  • They take you through a battery of tests and assessments -and those results are then left to your interpretation. It's up to you to figure out what it tells you about who you are...and what you were created to do. Yet...you know there is more. You know God needs to be in the mix. And again, you are left saying..."That's great - but how do I know if this is God's purpose for my life?"

AS A RESULT... We have created, coached and seen the transformational impact of the 40-day challenge  contained in this book:

The Journey in this book is...

  • God Centered
  • Undergirded by Scripture
  • Holy Spirit Inspired
  • Tested and Proven
  • Changing Lives All Over the World
  • Impacting the Kingdom
  • Releasing People Into Lives of Destiny
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This powerful program invites you into a personal encounter with God that will not only show you how to find your purpose - but how to fulfill it!  And when that happens - you gain the clarity, focus and direction you need to

  • make wise choices
  • move toward positive change
  • live everyday with joy, passion and purpose!

As our client Robert said

"I now have a power that very few people have.
I have the power to say NO - because my YES is so big!"

The 7 Steps to Purpose

provides 3 important things that are so often missing!

  • Powerful self-discovery - that allows you to piece together a beautiful mosaic that is YOU! NO one assessment or inventory alone provides the answer - it is the composite that shows you who you really are.
  • Strong biblically-based tools - to help you smooth a path through the things that have been holding you back and limiting your forward momentum in life.
  • Spiritual disciplines that take you deeper - and allow you to lay all that you have learned about yourself - lay it before your Creator - discover who He says you are - and learn what He would have you do with it!

Now's the time!

And this program is exactly what you need to...

  • cut through all the confusion and frustration
  • find clarity, focus and direction
  • live everyday with passion and purpose
  • be released into all that god has waiting for you!
Jim Brangenberg

“…a MUST for EVERY believer who wants to go deep and make a difference for the Kingdom”

Jim Brangenberg


Now - here is what no one else is telling you about
discovering your God Given Sweet Spot...

It's really not as complicated as it might sound!

Sure, there is time and effort involved, but if you're serious about yourself...and your relationship with the Lord...you probably already knew that. But - here's the good news: Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot is exactly what the subtitle says: it is a step-by-step guide!

The 7 Steps to Purpose breaks it all down into bite size pieces - daily assignments chocked full of practical steps, real-world examples and helpful resources. It's not armchair theory. It's based on years of experience as we have coached the program.

We know - from countless personal testimonies - this book will guide you into the most life-altering journey of discovery that you can imagine. It will take you to the place where God will reveal

YOUR Sweet Spot...

the place where who you are AND what you do are fully integrated,
in-sync and amped up by the power of your God-given purpose - the
place where everything you do works in perfect harmony!

Living in YOUR God Given Sweet Spot - who wouldn't want to?

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Diana Furr

“…this is NOT “destiny-lite” – it’s for those ready to be released into EVERYTHING God has for them!”

Diana Furr

If you are Serious...
if you are ready to FIND and FULFILL God's plan for YOU...

This is your chance to take the guesswork, frustration and wasted effort out of your search.  Now, you can finally figuring out - with certainty - all that God has for you!

"I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord"

Jeremiah 29:11

  • Do you know what those plans are?
  • Do you know who you are - in God's eyes?
  • Do you know what He wants you to do... with your gifts, talents and life experience?

Not because of what you have or don't have...but who you have been created to "be"!
Not in spite of your past - but often because of what you've learned from it - AND can now bring to others!

If you're serious about finding your God Given Sweet Spot...
this book will show you EXACTLY how to do that!

If you've tried before, not gotten clear answers and been discouraged...Now is your time to restart!
If you have ever thought about what it really means to livein full alignment with your God-given purpose...in alignment with HIS will...Your time is NOW!

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