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“You are fearfully and wonderfully made,”. And we believe that includes your gifts and personality style!

There is no right or wrong – no good or bad – it takes all the styles and gifts to create good teams, families, marriages and organizations.

In a matter of minutes you can discover how you are designed and begin making choices that line up with how God created you.


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the language of behavior!

DISC is based on the pioneering work of Harvard psychologist William Moulton Marston. In his 1928 book on the subject, he describes four classic quadrants of human behavior:

Based on over 80 years of research, testing, validation and use by millions who have taken the DISC assessment – the accuracy and reliability of these profiles is not just proven and dependable – it is astounding!

When you know your strongest behavior quadrant, you know your behavior language and understand yourself better. As it relates to purpose, knowing your DISC personality profile will help you recognize the roles you are best suited to fill and eliminate those that simply are not a good fit.

It is not that you are incapable of doing certain things or exhibiting all four characteristics of DISC. All of us can adapt our behavior for some period of time. However, there are two critical questions you will answer with your DISC

PLUS, you will learn the basic motivation that drives your behavior, your best situations and environments, and your best way of communicating, interacting with others, and making decisions.

For over 30 years, Tom and Pam have been using DISC personality profiles.

With the Identity and Destiny Profiles, you will have QUICK, EASY, DIRECT access to the same insight and information that Tom and Pam used as they’ve built their business organizations, coached high level one-on-one clients, built teams and maximized job “fit” and performance.
They’ve also used the profiles to dive deep into their own self-discovery and awareness –resulting in better understanding of themselves, each other and all their important relationships.
As Tom often says, “If I’d begun understanding all that DISC and spiritual gifts could teach me, I would have saved myself years of trial and error to learn the same thing!”

As Tom often says,

“If I’d begun understanding all that DISC and spiritual gifts could teach me, I would have saved myself years of trial and error to learn the same thing!”

Discover How God Uniquely Designed You

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Your 30 page report includes EVERYTHING in the Personality Style Package, PLUS the Spiritual Gifts Package, Plus more…

This Package Includes:

  • Biblical Overview of DISC
  • Personality and the Christian
  • Your Professional Style
  • Workplace Tips
  • Tips for Working within Teams
  • Personal Action Plan


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