Gods Says, “Do you feel the Love?”

For those who follow our blog…you know I have written often this past year about my daughter and her journey through what my sweet friend Diana calls the “valley of the shadow of cancer”…

And yes (having learned much about what it means to walk by faith – not by sight)…choosing daily to stand on God’s promises and not on the pathology reports…we believe God has delivered our youngest through the valley…


Just a few days ago I posted this on Facebook…

The 16th of Oct will be 1 year since Amanda’s diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer – IBC
She has endured treatment – surgery – fear – uncertainty…
Building her faith and praising God for a 3 month check up (post treatment) that was cancer free!!!!!!!
Now, hair coming back -life moving into the ‘new normal’…
And her first hair trim… Shaping her short hair into this super cute pixie cut!!!
More beautiful than ever!!!!

Pixie Cut

139 likes and rising…

AND dozens of comments of praise and thankfulness!!!

It is like our friend and powerful woman of God, Celeste St Hill, posted from her home in Barbados:

Beautiful Amanda, so wise, so courageous, so faithful…one year later…

an amazing person who has answered God’s mighty call on her life with a strength beyond her years and a Christian maturity that I’m sure has brought glory and honor to God and renewed strength to so many people… Praise God!

God’s love flows into our lives in so many ways…even through Facebook!

Yes Lord – I am feeling your love

Coming directly from you, Abba Father

AND through the incredible people you have drawn into our lives.

So… Today I ask you to take a moment and ask yourself…

Do I really know how much God loves me?

I pray that you will take time today to see it…believe it…and feel it!


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