Guided Listening Prayer

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The Guided Listening Prayer is also available for download below in 2 different formats, MP3 iPhone/iPod compatible and High Quality WAV.

glp-tomphotoAbout the Guided Listening Prayer

Step 6 – Day 1 of the 7 Steps to Purpose introduces Guided Listening Prayer. Developing this spiritual discipline has been profoundly life-altering for those seeking God for direct revelation regarding their life purpose.Using the technique of Guided Listening Prayer is the most effective tool we’ve found to help you slow down and fully immerse yourself in this highly effective – yet rarely used – approach to prayer.Get started today and begin unleashing the amazing power of learning to truly listen to God.

“Be quiet and God’s whisper will come to you without fail…pure honest, loving and unselfish. You’ll know it when God speaks. You will hear it with your heart, not just your mind.” (Mary Geegh)


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The Voice of Tom Wolf

Begin enjoying the power of Guided Listening Prayer today! Tom’s instructions, accompanied by the inspired music of Jacob Hamby will quiet your mind, open your spirit and allow you to experience listening prayer as never before.

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